The Complete Cookie

As I was training a client she mentioned to me what she would eat to stop her cravings when she wants to really eat CRAP. She mentioned “The Complete Cookie” and how deliciously good it was. She stated that it was not only good but it was a healthy snack. “The Complete Cookie” comes in many different flavors with the number one flavor being America’s choice chocolate chip cookie. “The Complete Cookie” has many, many nutritional values.

  • “The Complete Cookie” is made in the bakery not a lab. 
  • It’s individually wrapped for freshness.
  • It’s committed to your health and fitness and made with non-GMO ingredients. 
  • It’s a great source of protein and you know protein is what it’s all about!
  • It’s soy free.
  • It’s kosher, guaranteed of purity and cleanliness and it’s a great source of fiber which complements digestion. 
  • No dairy, no fructose corn syrup, no cholesterol, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar alcohols.

When I heard about the cookie, I felt I just had to try it. Especially when it’s that time of the month and I want the biggest snickers bar in the world. So I went to my local H-E-B and found “The Complete Cookie” in the supplement section of the store. They had many flavores in stock and I wanted to take them all home. But I chose the pace myself and just pick one or two to try before I buy the entire supply. So I chose to purchase the chocolate chip and the oatmeal. They happen to be on sale, buy 2 for $3. So as I leave the store and jump in my car, I immediately open the oatmeal cookie. It was amazingly good! And surprisingly I could only eat a quarter of the cookie because it was so big and thick (not complaining). I loved how soft and moist the cookie was. And it filled my craving immediately. I definitely am sold and will buy again. And not only that, I will tell all my clients about this lovely option for a healthy snack. 


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