Warm Lemon Water?

So I was training a new client and we were discussing healthy morning habits. She stated that her doctor has her drinking warm lemon water every morning for cleansing and detoxing her body. She asked me if it was ok for her to drink before she comes to train with me. 

Now I know that I’m a personal trainer and I’m into all that is healthy but there are a lot of things out there that I have never heard of or just don’t know much about. And that’s why I love running into people who has knowledge on things I don’t. And for that reason I keep my head in the books so that I can learn as much as I can about being and staying healthy. 
So, I let my client know that drinking her warm lemon water before training with me should not effect her workout in any way, shape or form. I did tell her that I want to look further into the benefits of it and I’ll get back with her. So, from personal experience, I have been drinking lemon water for years and that’s only because I would see my mom drink it often. But I never looked into the benefits of drinking it. I just figured she wanted to add a little flavor to her water. 

Well, to my surprise drinking warm lemon water has many benefits and I would love to name 20 of them here today!

  1. Electrolyte Up- Lemon water will provide your body with plenty of hydrating electrolytes in the form of potassium, calcium and magnesium. 
  2. Joint healing- Lemon water can help reduce both joint and muscl pain. 
  3. Better digestion- drinking warm lemon water can help your body with digestion thanks to the citric acid contained in lemon. This acid interacts with various enzymes in your body and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. 
  4. Increased liver function- Lemon water can help the liver produce more enzymes with the help of lemon water than any other substance. 
  5. Liver cleansing- Lemon water also AIDS your liver in helping it release toxins. 
  6. Fight respiratory infections-  Lemon water can help you battle everything from sore throats to tonsil inflammation, thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of lemon. 
  7. Regulate bowel movement
  8. Aid your metabolism- being a powerful antioxidant, lemon can protect your body from various free remadicals and also strengthen your immune system. 
  9. Reduce pressure and anxiety symptoms- Lemon water is high in potassium content- depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough potassium in your blood. 
  10. Cleanse- Lemon water can help cleanse your blood and arteries. 
  11. Regulate blood pressure- Daily digestion of one lemon is estimated to reduce high blood pressure by 10%- drinking lemon water is a great way to work towards that quantity. 
  12. Alkalize yourself- Lemon water allows your body to keep a higher pH level, helping your body fight off diseases. 
  13. Revitalize your skin- Lemon water contains vitamin C, which is known to improve skin conditions through the revitalizing of the body. 
  14. Reduce gout pain- Gout pain can be attributed to a buildup of Utica acid- lemon water helps dilute this acid, thereby reducing this pain. 
  15. Protect your body through pregnancy- The vitamin C in l on helps lemon water act as an adapt oven, allowing the body to better cope with various viruses. It can also help the bone tissue formation of your unborn baby. 
  16. Relieve heartburn- Mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice per half glass of water can help relieve heartburn. 
  17. Kidney stone relief- If kidney stones are a concern for you, drinking lemon water can help dissolve not only those but gallstones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits as well. 
  18. Lose weight- Lemons have a pectin fiber, which aids in the suppression of hunger cravings. 
  19. Oral health- Drinking lemon water can help reproved tooth pain and fight gingivitis. 
  20. Prevent cancer- Several studies have found that cancer cannot thrive in an environment that is rich with alkaline- a substance prevalent in lemon. 

Lemon water doesn’t just quench thirst better than any other drink- it also provides our bodies with plenty of vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements. It’s also a great energy booster for when we wake up first thing in the morning as our tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of fluid to push out toxins. 

So all that to say this. Yes! Keep drinking your lemon water. 


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